Scam Warning: Heart Loans will never call you or ask you for an upfront fee for using their service. To report a scam visit
Scam Warning: Heart Loans will never call you or ask you for an upfront fee for using their service. To report a scam visit

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Heart Loans will never call you and will never charge you any fees. Never pay upfront fees for a loan or send money in return for a loan. Heart Loans does not provide any loan or consumer credit products directly, we are a licensed credit broker and not a lender.

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In the UK alone, thousands of people every week are hit with unexpected bills and expenses which they have not budgeted for. Even the most organised can find themselves in moments of financial strain. Many traditional lenders and banks only offer their customers with complex or time consuming strategies to lend money to help cover these times of financial difficulty. Here, at Heart Loans, we understand how long processes and the paper work associated with bank loans only increases the stress of the situation you are facing. That is why we believe in providing our customers with a much simpler and stress free solution. We strive to deliver a reliable and quick way to apply and receive the money you need. Our customers remain in full control of their pay day loan, choosing the exact amount of money they want to lend along with when you want to pay it back. Heart Loans will then use our leading lending platform Monevo, to rapidly source you with the best short term loan provider appropriate for your personal requirements to choose from. Simply fill out our 5-minute online payday loan application form, and the money could be in your bank account in as quick as 15 minutes**! Our quick and easy instant payday loan application system is why we are one of the best payday loans company in the UK. .

  • Online Application takes just 5 minutes
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  • No Hidden Fees or Charges
  • Lowest Possible Interest Rates and APR*
  • Flexible Borrowing and Repayment Terms
  • Application is Safe and Secure
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    Choose your loan amount

    Use our home page sliders to choose the loan amount you wish to borrow and the time in which you wish to borrow for. Total Loan amount, interest rates and chosen term will be fully displayed to you.

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    Fill out our simple 5 minute application form and our Monevo lender matching technology will do the work for you! Receive an instant online decision. We’ll ask for your address, bank and employment details. Your application is 100% online.

  • You decide

    You decide

    Your application will be submitted to our Monevo Lender Panel. If approved you will be redirected to the lender application form where you can check everything over to make sure you are happy with it. You are under no obligation to accept and can still accept or reject the loan offer at this point.

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    Once you have accepted your Loan Agreement, your funds will be automatically transferred into your bank account by the Lender. You could receive your funds in just 15 minutes!**… It’s that simple!

Online Loans

Many milestones and key events we encounter in our lives can cost more than we may have on hand. Amongst some examples of these, you will find weddings, unpredicted injuries or illnesses, purchasing a new house, or even lending money to a loved one. The beauty of a loan is that it can help make up any shortfall, provided you fully understand the financial commitment you are making.

The conventional way of borrowing money is by using a bank. This is an excellent option for individuals who have a good credit score and credit history and in addition, some banks do still offer personal loans. However, the bank may not be an option when you have a mobility impairment, a physical injury, or love the convenience of the online world.

Online loans are the ideal way to getting to your end goal faster and from the comfort of your own home. No need for long-winded trips to the banks and no queues – all while getting the privacy you deserve while completing the online form.


Online Loans UK

What are Online Loans?

As the name suggests, online loans are a method of securing a loan which does not come from a traditional bank. These alternatives shy away from the conventional lending market and while the same lending criteria (i.e., approval requirements, regulation category) are applied, the entire process is done via the Internet.

Because of the nature of this type of loan, the application is typically quicker than traditional loans. There is no need or place for extensive and invasive interview questions and no need to physically walk or drive to the office.

All you need is merely a credit check and all you have to do is await the decision. Although these loans tend to be for smaller amounts, they provide individuals with the option of getting a cash injection in situations where they sincerely need it.

An added bonus is the fact that these loans are unsecured, meaning that no collateral (i.e., house, jewelry, or car) can be seized in the event of failing to repay. Nonetheless, this does not come to say that legal action can’t be taken against you should you miss your repayment plan. Thus, ensuring that your financial health will allow you to do so is imperative.

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Common Models of Online Lending

It’s essential to understand that online lending does not stand in opposition to mono-cultural and conventional lending options. In fact, there are many different options through which you are able to borrow money. Some of the most common and successful models are as follows:


The process of microlending involves offering a small loan to a business, either with the purpose of purchasing new equipment or for an expansion plan.

Accounts Receivable Financing

This type uses accounts receivable as a type of collateral for securing a loan. As a general rule of thumb, such loans can fund up to 90% of the payments that will need to be repaid.

Merchant Cash Advances

By using this type of financing, the business receives up-front cash in exchange for providing a small, yet agreed-upon percentage of daily credit transactions. This takes place right up to the point where the loan is repaid.

Platform Lending

Platform lending involves using both technology and data in order to evaluate a business’s historical revenue and expenses for determining a loan – instead of a FICO credit score.

Purchase Order Loans

With these types of loans, a business can purchase inventory and the lenders can collect their payment as the stock is sold off.


Leasebacks require a business to sell its valuable equipment to the lender and then arranging a repayment plan for purchasing that material back.

Peer-to-Peer Programs

Similar to crowdfunding and peer lending, peer-to-peer programs receive funding from private individuals rather than from a traditional lending institution.

Who Regulates Them?

Considered one of the most heavily regulated financial services within the UK, online loans are governed by the FCA. In fact, the FCA is responsible for ensuring the online advertisements and other ways of promoting this financial aid display clear messaging.

This includes everything that individuals should know about the process of obtaining a loan. Ambiguous or unclear messages, along with misleading information, are removed from any operating site and can even result in a serious fine.

The FCA maintains a list of fully authorized and approved companies which are allowed to promote and distribute online loans. Although we did mention that the process is quicker and more straightforward, all guidelines and procedures are intended to follow the strict guidelines imposed by the regulatory body.

It’s not uncommon to hear that numerous loan providers have gone through multiple changes in order to gain the full FCA authorization and to ensure that all their processes are compliant with requirements.

Where Are They Advertised?

Marketing online loans is a job which typically costs millions each year – for the purpose of promoting both services and products. A common way of advertising online loans is by using digital channels, television adverts, or even mainstream newspapers.

Of course, the Internet plays another critical role in the overall advertising goal, as the web is the most widely available way of promoting online products. For example, if you search “online loans” or “payday loans,” the search results will reveal at least 4 companies which advertise their products using this online medium.

In addition to these internet search options, loan companies will use emails, SMS, billboards, advertisements in casinos and other forms of banner advertising for the sole purpose of promoting their products and services.