Scam Warning: Heart Loans will never call you or ask you for an upfront fee for using their service. To report a scam visit
Scam Warning: Heart Loans will never call you or ask you for an upfront fee for using their service. To report a scam visit

We are the UK’s leading online loans broker service.

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Who Are Heart Loans?

The Heart Loans team are a short term payday loans broker service. We provide a free service for you to check multiple direct lenders. Simply fill in our online application form and then the direct lenders will offer you a loan based on your requirements.

We have so far helped thousands of people every every week to find a small sum loan. We also provide useful news and content to help grow your finances.

We provide a fully transparent service that enables you to apply for a payday loan online and receive an instant decision within minutes. We specialise in fast cash transfers, if approved you will receive the funds in your account within 15 minutes of submitting your application


You can apply for a short term payday loan online 24/7, 365 days a year from a desktop, tablet or mobile.

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Our Loans

We understand the importance of providing a fast service which is why we promise instant and fast same day loans to assist you with your financial needs. Take a look at our fast finance options:

Payday Loans – Small loans Intended to last only a short period of time, most commonly 1 or 2 weeks until they are repaid upon receiving your next pay check although we do provide borrowing terms of up to 3 months (90 days)

Short Term Loans – Similar to payday loans except the total amount borrowed can be spread over a repayment term of equal size over or up to 6 months.

3 Month loans – We now offer borrowing terms of up to 3 months with the option to repay the total amount borrowed over a 3 month period. This new approach allows you to spread the cost of a payday loan across 3 months making the repayments a lot easier. We believe in making the repayment process as easy and stress free as possible.

We’re Transparent

We will always tell you the full costs upfront and the total amount you will be required to repay before you apply. We will never charge you any fees, we never have and never will; our service is completely free of charge and you will not be hit with any hidden costs which is why we continue to grow as one of the UK’s leading online loan services.

Our Promise

We strive to provide an unrivaled, outstanding and simple financial service to those seeking financial help. Our mission is to change the way our customers view the loan application process by delivering instant results completely free of charge. We anticipate consumer needs and will deliver a trustworthy online loan service to help our customers save as much money as possible and improve their current financial situation.

Why is HeartLoans right for you?

In the UK alone, thousands of people every week are hit with unexpected bills and expenses which they have not budgeted for. Even the most organised can find themselves in moments of financial strain. Many traditional lenders and banks only offer their customers with complex or time consuming strategies to lend money to help cover these times of financial difficulty. Here, at Heart Loans, we understand how long processes and the paper work associated with bank loans only increases the stress of the situation you are facing. That is why we believe in providing our customers with a much simpler and stress free solution. We strive to deliver a reliable and quick way to apply and receive the money you need. Our customers remain in full control of their pay day loan, choosing the exact amount of money they want to lend along with when you want to pay it back. Heart Loans will then use our leading lending platform Monevo, to rapidly source you with the best short term loan provider appropriate for your personal requirements to choose from. Simply fill out our 5-minute online payday loan application form, and the money could be in your bank account in as quick as 15 minutes**! Our quick and easy instant payday loan application system is why we are one of the best payday loans company in the UK. .

  • Online Application takes just 5 minutes
  • Money Transferred in 15 Minutes**
  • Instant Payday Loans Approvals Online
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges
  • Lowest Possible Interest Rates and APR*
  • Flexible Borrowing and Repayment Terms
  • Application is Safe and Secure
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